Online advertising

Digital advertising applies new means while following good old psychological principles
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Digital advertising

New channel. New opportunities. Same people.

We like to explore human behavior, human reactions and human interests. It is all about people – they are at the start, they are in the middle of the process, they are at the end. The brand and the company should talk to these people in such a way so they get interested.

Digital advertising channel provides a number of new opportunities for us:
• Much wider ad reach.
• A much more precise segmentation and targeting of your audience.
• The right messages reach the right people. Opportunities for advertising messages are much bigger.
• Measurement of results and proper feedback with subsequent optimization.

We make full use of these opportunities. We follow user pathways in the digital environment. We build sales funnels, which require a different approach, message and communication channel at each point of the user pathway in order to get your customers to the end goal.

We follow the principles of psychology. Regardless of being placed in a new environment, people have always been driven by the same incentives.

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge”

What will we do for you in terms of online advertising?


Digital communication concept

Maintenance of social network profiles and accounts

Content creation

Advertising on the Google Network

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

How does an online advertising campaign happen?


Setting a specific campaign goal.


Evaluation and analysis of your current digital assets, channels and past advertising campaigns.

Target audience

Determination of the target audience and mechanisms of reaching it. Concept and approach.


Campaign planning. Communication channels, budget, schedule and resources.


Content creation, ad adjustment and launching.


Tracking and optimizing campaign performance.

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Count Up to Long-term vision
Long-term vision

We work with enthusiasm for the success of your projects. We know that is the path to our own growth.

Count Up to We are passionate
We are passionate

It always changes direction. For the better.

Count Up to Fair relations
Fair relations

A result of our personal beliefs. Constant feature of ours.

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