Pamporovo AD


Pamporovo AD is a company that uses a range of communication channels. They operate in a market aiming at attracting both foreign and Bulgarian tourists.

There is hardly a Bulgarian who has not heard of Pamporovo and its amazing recreation spots and attractions. However, vacation options need to be reminded to prospective customers before the start of the tourist season. It is quite easy for users to “lose” a particular choice option in the vast sea of ​​information. In cases like this the campaign has a reminder effect.

In addition, Pamporovo is a place with a strategic geographical position, close to many areas, and is a perfect option for a spontaneous weekend break. All it takes is a visual incentive asking “Why not”? In such situations outdoor campaigns, along with other communication channels, are an appropriate choice to detect two types of consumers in a seasonal campaign: The ones who failed to put Pamporovo in their list of possibilities and the ones who can afford a spontaneous booking based on momentary emotions.

What we did:

  • Media planning – to establish suitable and attractive positions for running that type of a seasonal campaign.
  • Printing of visions for outdoor advertising facilities.

    Pamporovo AD


    2017 - 2020