Pediatric Dental Clinic Usmivka

Building a new recognizable web site and identity

“Usmivka” Clinic is a specialized pediatric dental clinic in Plovdiv, where exceptional specialists with a passion for working with children are employed. The clinic specializes not only in treating more common children’s dental issues but also in addressing rare conditions and diseases.

The clinic had an outdated website in terms of design and content relevance.

The client approached us with a request to create a new website that would stand out from the standard and mundane stereotypes associated with the appearance of a dental office. The primary focus of the design was to reflect the love the specialists at the clinic have for children and their ability to understand and work with these unique clients. We aimed to showcase the entire team, which represents the heart of the clinic, demonstrate their capabilities, and present the types of treatments that can help young patients.

What we did - we created a website with a distinctive design that reflects the client's mission

We worked on the content, structure, and visuals to create a cohesive representation that simultaneously showcases the professionalism, high specialization, and rich practical experience of the specialists in the clinic, as well as their ability to communicate on the level of their young patients. The motto “We see the world through your child’s eyes” had to visually permeate the entire digital presence of the clinic.

We achieved the desired vision from the client by delivering a highly informative website that stands out from other digital presentations in the specific niche.