Brand image and recognition

Our client Dafor occupied its place in the market more than 20 years ago in the field of animal food and accessories, segmented into high class products – premium and super premium foods. During all these years they have been developing gradually and steadily at an even pace. They have been working in the B2B and B2C sphere. The company has been gaining experience and commercial relations, partnerships with international brands, and expanding its national supply network.

At a certain point, the assets with which the company presents itself in the digital environment cease to correspond to the current state of the brand. At the same time, due to business growth and prioritization of customer needs, the team’s high number of commitments postponed the update of assets in the online environment for a long period of time.

Our task was to create a new website with a minimum commitment on the part of the ordering company because of their workload. The requirement was to achieve a modern vision, a fair reflection of the company’s current state. Another important requirement was to make it as easy as possible for Dafor’s customers to get all necessary information about the product range.

What we did – website development and results

We collected all the necessary company information from our client – figures, facts, history, details regarding the specifics of the industry, needs and customer problems.
We did our own research. We segmented the customers and determined their profile. We studied the competitive environment including the brands they distribute and represent on the Bulgarian market. Along with that, we got acquainted with the whole animal kingdom, different breeds of dogs, cats and their bizarre dietary preferences. Armed with data based on key online searches, we built the architecture of Dafor’s future website.

We wrote the text for Dafor website using a more casual tone, adapted to the subject matter of their business. We selected fresh colors corresponding to the logo and corporate materials in order to be consistent with the brand’s vision.

We highlighted their achievements over the years and the advantages of working with them. We described the brands they distribute and represent by displaying product catalogs which would thus be available 24/7 to customers.

We optimized the site technically to meet Google requirements.

The result was a functional and beautiful website that would be useful to users. Although with a new domain, within the first week of its launch the site generated organically its first inquiries of partnership with Dafor and supply.

We are eager to introduce the Dafor team to the possibilities of online advertising and build a relationship with their users in the social online environments.