The ultramarathon K3 ULTRA

Website building

The K3 ULTRA Gold Border Race ultramarathon is gaining increasing popularity among marathon runners and people who love mountains and outdoor activities, both in Bulgaria and neighboring European countries. Organizing such an event requires extensive preparation to ensure optimal conditions for the participants. In addition to significant preparation during registration, the marathon runners need detailed information about the event, the trails they will be running on, support stations, requirements, and many other details.

At the time when the client approached us, the K3 ULTRA website did not meet the requirements for well-organized information. This made it more challenging for future participants to find the necessary information easily. Our task was to restructure all the necessary information for the participants and present it in the most user-friendly way possible.

What we did - user friendly website

We built a completely new website with a modern and clean design that aligns with the brand’s image and identity.

We organized and restructured the internal information to make it easily accessible for the runners.

Significant efforts were put into enhancing the user experience and user journey within the website, making form submissions and registrations quick and convenient.

We optimized the website for fast loading and easy discoverability.