Working digital assets and successful campaigns are generated from good ideas
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Content is the core

The seeds of success for every brand, ad campaign and effective website lie in a great IDEA and its proper presentation.

At the beginning comes the INSIGHT – what excites and triggers the audience, what discomfort consumers have. That is one of the important key factors which lead to project success.

The content we create – text, images, photos and videos, is based on the idea of the advertising campaign. The creative follows the idea and remains consistent across all communication channels used.

Why is it important for business?

It will distinguish your products or brand from your competitors

It will create interest and engagement among users

It will create stories that sell

Right on target – users’ problems will be faced

What will be included in the process of setting up the creative for your project?

Finding out the Idea

Finding the Insight can be defined as the strategic element in the creative. So we start looking for it right from the strategy phase.


We create text content for websites and blog articles. We create text/copy for advertising campaigns in offline and online channels.

Visual content

We influence your audience by creating visual content – banners and visions for websites and advertising campaigns, photo shooting and video services.

Scope of the creative

Project goals set the scope and number of the creative steps

First steps

Introduction to the study and strategy, and searching for “that moment of truth”


Brainstorming for searching for user Insight and Idea

Audit of selected communication channels

They should correspond to the brand goals and the idea behind the advertising campaign

Brainstorming to determine mini creative ideas and guidelines

The creation of the specific content will be based on them

Content planning

Planning of specific content for particular communication channels by periods and budget

Content creation

Copywriting and visual content – design, videos and photos via channels and specific mini campaigns

Some of our projects

Our principles

Count Up to Long-term vision
Long-term vision

We work with enthusiasm for the success of your projects. We know that is the path to our own growth.

Count Up to We are passionate
We are passionate

It always changes direction. For the better.

Count Up to Fair relations
Fair relations

A result of our personal beliefs. Constant feature of ours.

What they think about us

You need help

We listen to you carefully. We step into your shoes. We offer only what will work for you.