Office 21

New opportunities for growth

Office – 21 is a leading company in the field of office equipment sales and rental services. With their long-standing market presence, they have reinforced their sales channel – word-of-mouth marketing. This has become possible thanks to the company’s loyal relations with its customers, fast and effective service. Being the official partner for Bulgaria of the two giants Brother and Konica Minolta and thanks to their vote of confidence, Office -21 has strengthened its position.

Office – 21 contacted us with a request to design their new website to reflect the company profile and their currently offered services. The client’s only requirement was that the website vision should be fresh and differ significantly from the visions adopted in this area for corporate online platforms.

What we did - platform and branding. Results.

Our first step was research – market, consumer audience and attitudes, keyword searches on Google. We identified the competitive advantages of our client and outlined the product lines for which they wanted us to achieve greater visibility.
We determined the way we would achieve that and the strategy and steps we would follow.

We redesigned the company logo to reflect their new vision.
We chose a slogan – “Your office is our concern”, accurately describing the advantages of their work for the client. Thus, we expanded their brand identity.
We branded company vehicles in correspondence with the future vision of the website and the new logo in order to achieve maximum wide recognition.
If the project is properly implemented, transport advertising would be a very good way of increasing the brand reach.

Based on the previously conducted surveys, we built the most appropriate structure for the new website, which would enable us to capture user searches and organize future advertising campaigns.

We wrote the website text so as to reflect as clearly as possible the competitive advantages of Office – 21, the professionalism of their team and to create trust in the company on the part of potential users who do not know it.

We ran technical optimization of the website and we also optimized the loading speed for desktop and mobile devices.
The result was a light, super-fast (even for mobile devices) website, with easy navigation for users and a clear vision. We have achieved a good user experience.

What we did - a digital campaign. Results.

From the very first month the new communication channel of Office – 21 started working for them.
At the same time we started preparing a campaign strategy aimed at raising sales by 10% on an annual basis for products that we had identified as the main target for promotion.
We included two communication channels – Google Ecosystem and Premium Online Media.
Over a period of two months, we ran three Search campaigns in GoogleAds, where we managed to direct traffic from several types of users and lead to successful commercial transactions.

The result was considerably good:
• 9, 062 % increase in traffic to the website
• 17, 90 % CTR
In comparison, standard good results of this campaign type in the B2B sector is 2,41%
• 6 : 1 ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)
In comparison, a value of 4:1 is perceived as an exceptionally good ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

An effective platform with an ultimate goal to inform the audience and increase sales was achieved..