Bulgarian Association of Dermato-Oncology

Website building

The Bulgarian Association of Dermato-Oncology (BADO) approached us to create a new website tailored to their specific needs.

The association fulfils various specific functions and aims to support the professional development and high-level information for all specialists involved in the fight against this diagnosis, as well as to assist patients suffering from this condition.

The goal was to design a new, fresh, and inviting visual identity and propose a website structure that would support the association’s practical work.


    Bulgarian Association of Dermato-Oncology





What we did - we created an informative website that fulfils the association's objectives

We proposed ways to support the association’s work through the website.

Patients can now receive more information and assistance, easily and quickly connect with relevant medical facilities, and receive support from the association.

Professionals can easily connect with the association, access information about all upcoming events, symposiums, and seminars, and are encouraged to present their research.

We designed a user-friendly navigation structure and a fresh, clean, and modern design. We improved the user experience (UX) within the website. We also optimized the website for better performance.