Strategy and planning

A problem well-defined is a problem half-solved
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The base

No matter if you are new to your business or you have an established presence in the market and/or in the digital environment, we will start with an analysis.

We will examine closely the business niche, the market and your activities in order to identify advantages and opportunities.

We will study consumers and their behavior and we will establish your target groups and buyer personas.

We will analyze your competitors.

We will draw a conclusion based on the effectiveness of your current advertising activities and digital presence in order to work your way up and improve.

All this information will serve to build your marketing and communication strategy. Thus the profile of your business and products will be presented, along with the channels used, advertising campaigns and marketing mix.

Good preparation is the basis for good results.

Why is it important for business?

It will find the right path to accomplishing the goal

It will significantly improve the final result

It will save advertising budget from inefficient or mistargeted activities

You will have good planning and know what resources you will need

What will be included in the development of your communication strategy

Setting goals

Setting a business goal. Defining marketing objectives, the implementation of which will lead to achievement of desired business results. Setting a goal for a specific advertising campaign.


Gathering information about the company and its digital assets, auditing the sector and competitive environment, identifying opportunities and competitive advantages. Studying users and user behavior.


Creating user profiles – buyer personas, user pathways and sales funnels. Analysis of current digital and offline assets, previous advertising campaigns.

Brand identity

We set the way of interaction with your customers in order to build a relation, as well as what your online and offline visual identity will be, ways of communication, company principles, etc.


We plan the tasks leading to goal accomplishment – creation of a specific digital asset, appropriate mix of communication channels and specific campaigns. Planning of budget and necessary resources.


After completing a certain advertising campaign or project we analyze the results. We draw conclusions for future projects and progress.

Some of our projects

Our principles

Count Up to Long-term vision
Long-term vision

We work with enthusiasm for the success of your projects. We know that is the path to our own growth.

Count Up to We are passionate
We are passionate

It always changes direction. For the better.

Count Up to Fair relations
Fair relations

A result of our personal beliefs. Constant feature of ours.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the duration of strategy preparation?

It depends on the needs and goals. If marketing planning and strategy for the company are needed, long-term plans are usually drawn up for a one-year period and quarterly plans are set up along with them. If the strategy is needed for the purposes of an advertising campaign, it shall be prepared for the period of the relevant campaign.

Is a separate strategy needed for each individual advertising campaign?

Yes. Individual ad campaigns usually have different objectives. A different approach is needed to achieve different objectives.

Is a strategy needed for the purpose of developing a website?

It takes goal-setting, research and planning. One of the most important things when developing a website is the appropriate structure of its pages in order to properly reach the audience and lead to results for the business. Another important thing is that the website content matches the profile of the target audience. These two things are determined through research and profiling of users, competition and keyword search analysis. The development of the website happens in accordance with the outcome of that analysis.

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